Who Is Ian Curran?

Ian Curran, founder of Boxfit, was Born and raised in England as a natural competitor. From an early age he competed in youth boys clubs representing his schools and city in an extensive array of sports. As an adult he continues boxing, playing soccer, and working alongside some of the biggest names in the field.

As a competitive athlete and superstars champion he competed in boxing, track and field, and kickboxing. He says he’s “been blessed enough to travel around the world on multiple occasions to absorb all levels of fitness styles and health and fitness trends adding my athletic ability”. Ian’s passion and knowledge helps him give the gift to others to defy their age bracket and mindset. What does this translate to? delivering a fitter, faster, and stronger you!

Why Boxing Is A Great Workout

Boxing is one of the most enjoyable high-intensity workouts! Boxing incorporates both cardio and strength movements in a unique way. Call upon your primal fight or flight instincts and kick your workout up a level. Enjoy this stress relieving, high paced training providing power, strength, and cardiovascular conditioning.

From the untrained beginner to the professional athlete we’re ready for you. BOXFIT offers only highly qualified trainers who are passionate about helping you achieve your desired goals. We gauge their success on your success! If you’re ready to give us everything you’ve got, just commit!

“If you want to go fast go alone if you want to go far go with others.”

Class Descriptions


The perfect workout for everyone, from the untrained beginner to the professional athlete. We’ve integrated the best workout strategies from numerous professional sports into one comprehensive fitness program. We end with “gloves on”, so get ready to RUMBLE!!!!


Kickboxing is the perfect combination of intense cardio, combat sports, and incredible fun. You’ll learn the ropes while rocking out to amazing music and having the time of your life. Come train with Professional Boxer and MMA fighter Jose Cortes.

Fight Camp

A class designed to take your boxing to the next level. Participants work on technical boxing skills. We focus on defense and offense, rounds of combinations, partner drills, and the sweet science of boxing. Are you ready?


Try MMA training with current mixed martial arts fighter Jose Cortes. Not only is it a great workout, but a practical exercise in self defense. Come learn striking, wrestling, and ground and pound, in a safe, fun environment.

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