Changing Up Your Workout

Changing Up Your Workout

Have you become a creature of habit when it comes to your workout? If you are a routine-oriented person and love the practice of hitting the treadmill at 3.5 mph every day for 30 minutes followed by the same ab and arm workout, good for you. However, research shows that there are many benefits to changing up your workout routine from time to time. Adding some variety to your workout stimulates different muscle groups as well as keeping you from getting bored.

Perhaps, if you really enjoy walking or running, you could take your workout outside a few days a week and head for a local nature trail. If spinning is your workout of choice, maybe try pedaling a few miles on a bike trail instead. However you choose to change it up, here are some benefits you might enjoy by employing an element of change:

Keep Your Mind Sharp

While exercise is essential for peak physical performance, it also goes a long way toward keeping your mind sharp. Learning new skills is a great way to keep your neurons firing and prevent early-onset dementia and memory loss. So immersing yourself in new exercise activity is a great way to combine a physical and mental workout. Zumba and ballroom dancing are great workouts that require skill and memorization and burn some serious calories.

Push Through a Plateau

Even if you’ve lost weight and gotten in great shape through your current workout, eventually your body will get used to the activity if you do the same thing all the time. Once your body becomes very efficient at that workout, you’ll burn fewer calories for the same amount of work. The solution is to try a different activity that challenges your body in new and different ways—and gets you past that plateau.

Meet New People

A great way to stay committed to a workout routine is by finding an accountability partner or group. If you’ve been a solo runner, you could try a spin class. Or if you’re burning out on a spin class you could join a running or biking group. And no matter what your regular workout is, everyone can benefit physically and mentally from stretching and breathing in a yoga class.

Use A Personal Trainer

A personal trainer knows how to choose the best variety of workouts and will methodically be changing up your workout helping your body and mind stay sharp. A personal trainer will also hold you accountable to accomplishing your goals.

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