Corporate Wellness

Why are the top US companies committed to corporate wellness?

•Enhanced recruitment and retention of healthy employees
•Reduced healthcare costs
•Decreased rates of illness and injuries
•Reduced employee absenteeism
•Improved productivity, teamwork, and morale
•67% of all American adults are now officially classified as overweight or obese.
•These numbers have tremendous implications for businesses both large and small.
•Let us improve the health of your bottom line.

A whole-body, high intensity interval training (HIIT) program, delivered in a fun, safe, boot camp environment. Our highly qualified instructors develop programming to accommodate different fitness levels, helping participants burn calories while increasing strength, mobility, and endurance. Fitness Performance empowers your team to reach for and achieve new goals, improving their performance inside and outside of the gym.

Whether your employees are just beginners or professionally trained athletes, Boxfit is a comprehensive program combining aspects of boxing as well as many of the most popular sports and athletic programs. From team building and stress release, to total performance enhancement, highly skilled Boxfit instructors help your employees get in great shape, keeping them sharp, effective, and working as a team.

Home of the low impact, high intensity fitness experience. We are focused on building bodies and strengthening your mind in our welcoming atmosphere where everyone goes their own pace! While we work on getting you in better shape physically, we also believe in giving you the tools you need to let go of your limitations and unleash your true potential, so you can take charge of your life. Our coaches bring a killer playlist to match their dynamic personality in a team driven environment where we make Movement a habit. Be prepared to dig deeper and fight harder for what you want inside the class so have the strength to fight the bigger challenges in your life. Most of all we offer new programming each month to allow you to see progress in the three pillars of physical fitness: (endurance, strength, and speed).

Our staff are all college educated, nationally accredited, certified professionals that demand results. When we look better, we feel better. Our health relates to all aspects of our lives.

Employees can benefit from personal training in many ways:
•One-on-one training (receive an Inbody assessment and stretch with their training package)
•Partner training
•Small group training

This heart rate monitor pushes your employees in and out of their target heart rate zones to maximize results. They can feel good about their workouts knowing they have been working in their optimal zones and achieve their fitness goals. They can see their calories burned, beat plateaus, and crush their goals.

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