Feeling Stressed Lately?

The grind of daily life can leave you feeling stressed! Between work, your personal life, and a multitude of outside factors sometimes we’re left feeling physically and emotionally exhausted. So how do we fight back against the negative feelings that build up through the week and day? Keep reading and pick out a few tips to try practicing in your routine.

Just say no!: If you’re the kind of person that takes on too much, overcommitting yourself can be doing harm to your harmony. Prioritize what you need to do and say no to the rest.

Make time for yourself: If your cup isn’t full, it’s hard to give to others. While this may seem selfish, just remember what is said before take off on an airplane. “Secure your own oxygen mask first, then help those around you”. Whatever your method of self care is, it’s important so do it! Just don’t get carried away.

Delegate: Do you need help? Ask for it! So often we think we need to be the person doing everything. What actually happens? Given everyone gets the same 24 hours in a day, things get left behind or forgotten about. Enlist the help of coworkers or friends and remember that they may take the same joy you get from helping people you care about.

Exercise: Whether you’re on a spin bike, in front of a punching bag, or lifting weights our bodies love moving. People that workout have lower stress levels and better feelings towards their self image. If you’re ready to see how exercise can influence the mental aspects of stress relief give us a call!

Diet: Turns out the saying “you are what you eat” is more true than you know. Feeling sluggish and tired? It’s time to pay close attention to what’s going on your plate. Food is delicious and we’re certainly not saying to starve yourself, but if you’re eating cheap, fast, and fatty foods your body is going to mirror that.

Laughter: Another old adage that holds up is “laughter is the best medicine”. The next time you’re feeling stressed out take the time to chuckle! Laughing and smiling have been proven to be the most effective and cost efficient methods of stress-busting. There’s even humor therapy to prevent anguish.

Writing: Taking the time to address the things that are bothering you is vital. Writing affords you the opportunity to have a one sided conversation and work through the issues. Don’t know where to start? Try recounting your day and finding the pain points. Once you’ve found those writing should flow easily. You’re not writing to be published, so don’t worry about how it sounds or looks.

Self-esteem: Most people that are susceptible to high stress levels don’t have a ton of self-esteem. So what’s the secret? Positive affirmations, thoughts, and actions! Thinking less of yourself, even when there’s no proof is something that can kill self-esteem. Everyone has value and worth, the trick is to find yours. Spend some time thinking about what you do well.
Don’t sweat the small stuff: Are you stressed about a billion things? What of all those stressors will be around in a month or year? If the answer is that it won’t be an issue after an extended period of time, let it go. There are some instances where stress is a good thing. If something is a major issue it’s good to help us address it. The problem is we hold onto the feeling of urgency.

Meditation: We’re not going to tell you that you need to sit and listen to whale songs and explore your head space. If you’re into that kind of thing though, great! What we mean by meditation is one part self care, one part enjoyment. Think of stress as the weight we carry for the things we think about. If going for a walk allows you to recharge your mental batteries go for it! The end game here is to find a method of de-stressing and breaking down the stress we keep with us.

These are just a few ways to get rid of the stress in our lives. Often, it’s not one thing that helps us. It’s also highly unlikely that you’ll start painting and find the zen of Bob Ross. What we do see though is that when you partner exercise, diet, and another form of mental relief (meditation, delegating,…) the recipe comes together for a higher threshold of stress. Need some help? We’re here to answer any questions you may have, and remember don’t sweat the small stuff.

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