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kickboxing class

Whether you’re new to taking kickboxing classes or you’ve been at it since Billy Blanks started whipping people into shape with Tae Bo in the 80’s, if you’ve done it, you already know what a great workout it is. In fact, when it comes to helping you achieve better balance, power, agility, and a kickass beach body, few workouts even come close to kickboxing. Experts agree: Nearly everyone can benefit from throwing a punch.

By emphasizing powerful movements performed in short intense bouts, kickboxing training improves fitness, flexibility, agility, and power as well as offering excellent cardiovascular gains in shorter periods than less intense workouts. In a study of healthy, twenty-something men who engaged in kickboxing workouts 3 days a week for five weeks, participants reported their upper and lower body power improved by about 7%. Additionally, they were able to shave off more than a second in their 50-meter dash times.

Kickboxing classes aren’t just for the young and fit though. The benefits apply to older adults as well by improving anticipatory and reactive balance which can reduce the risks of falls. Unlike lifting weights, running or even yoga, kickboxing requires swift whole-body movements that keep aging and tightening backs and knees agile and flexible so that a misstep or twist doesn’t cause a major injury.

Please note: It’s important to check with your doctor before beginning a new exercise regimen. Also, we recommend easing into this and other forms of vigorous exercise as it can also cause injuries if you go all in too soon.

And lest we forget to mention it: Kickboxing classes burn a ton of calories—more than 8 calories per minute, which is comparable to the amount you’d burn swimming. And, it can help to improve coordination and has even been shown to help people who suffer from multiple sclerosis (MS) a condition in which poor communication between the brain and muscles makes activities that require multitasking extremely difficult. By strengthening neuromuscular control, people with the disease can improve balance and mobility.

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