Legs are the new Biceps!

We all have our own reasons to get in shape. For the young guys out there just starting, chest and biceps is served daily. While trying to impress the girls with a chiseled upper body, you are completely neglecting your lower half, and you know it. Girls like strong legs, ass, and balance. If you look like you are top heavy and about to fall over, you are focusing on the wrong things. Build strength from the ground up. Here are the 5 exercises to put some muscle on them chicken legs.

Lunges – Use your body as a tool before stacking up all the weight on the leg extension. Start off with a stationary lunge, progress into step back lunges, and advance to walking lunges. Grab some dumbbells after you’ve perfected your form to start growing those legs.

Squats – Let’s try focusing on getting that squat right first to develop strength in your hips. Try doing a wall squat for 1-2 minutes and add a weighted plate as you hold this position. You need to learn how to fire at your glutes before you load up that bar in the squat rack. Earn your strength in that seated position.

Step Ups – Step ups can be great when you are not using momentum to step up, or the other foot. A smaller box may be preferable to start, and learn to elevate your body by pushing through the foot that is on the box. This will engage your hamstrings and glutes through full range of motion.

Deadlifts – The best way to learn how to deadlift is with a Kettlebell. This will teach you how to pull through your hips and activate your hamstrings. Push earth down instead of lifting through your back. Learning how to pull through your legs will allow you to advance to the Barbell Sumo squat.

Bulgarian Split Squats – Similar to a lunge, these split squats create mobility in your hips while also allowing your body to get the depth you need to activate your glutes. It requires balance and skill to be able to push from this position. ”

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