My back and knee’s hurt | Let us stretch you out

My back and knee’s hurt | Let us stretch you out

We all tend to think we know what’s best for living a healthier lifestyle. Eat less, exercise more, and MOVE FORWARD!

When we are feeling achy and suffering from back or knee pain, we end up going backwards. We move less, take it easy, and are cautious about doing anything new. In some cases, we accept discomfort and pain and continue to live our lives.

I tell my clients that we don’t need to be flexible like ballerina’s or cats, but we must train for longevity because life hits us hard, and we only get one body. SO, TAKE CARE OF IT!

At Ultima Fitness Performance, we can assess the range of motion around the joint through a series of different stretches. We will then be able to determine what’s the best way forward, so you can live a pain free lifestyle.

During our 30 minute stretch session we will stretch:

  • Hamstrings
  • Quads
  • Calves
  • Hip abductors/adductors
  • IT/Band
  • Glutes
  • ABS
  • Lumbar Spine/Thoracic Spine

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