Power Yoga

Some people falsely believe that yoga is not an adequate workout. For those skeptics, we recommend Power Yoga. Dubbed the western counterpart of Ashtanga Yoga, power yoga is a more physical and energetic practice that fuses the traditional values of yoga with what many people are looking for in their workouts—strength and weight loss.

This more upbeat form of yoga incorporates traditional poses from other yoga styles into a more aerobic practice that challenges yogis to move through more strenuous movements while still combining their breath with each movement.

Much like Ashtanga Yoga, where power Yoga finds its roots, the practice helps your body to build internal heat and increase your stamina. Through a regular power yoga practice, you become stronger and more flexible, reap the benefits of a good cardio session, and gain the spiritual and emotional effects of a regular yoga practice.

Some physical benefits of power yoga include building lean muscle tissue and strengthening your bones, muscles and joints as you move through a series of rigorous poses. You can also burn a lot of calories which can result in weight loss.

Add to the list of physical benefits increased flexibility which is especially helpful for anyone suffering from arthritis and joint or muscle pain. Practicing power yoga also increases your stamina as you’re moving through a series of challenging poses quickly transitioning from one to the next which increases circulation as well.

Do you feel taller? With a regular power yoga practice, your toned core muscles will help you have better posture. Try it for a while and see if you too will be standing straighter and appearing taller. This is also great for anyone suffering from back pain as good posture keeps your spine aligned and decreases unnecessary stress.

Another huge benefit of a regular power yoga practice is that it can dramatically reduce your stress and anxiety levels. Combining your movements and breath will help your body learn to relax and release stress as you move through each pose.

Finally, by enduring a strenuous workout, you’re releasing and eliminating toxins through sweat which detoxes your body and helps to build your immune system.

Set aside any preconceived notions you have about yoga, and focus on synching your movements with your breath as you achieve higher levels of awareness and strength in your mind, body and spirit.


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