What Stops Us From Eating Healthy?

If you sat down and really thought about it, what’s stopping you from eating healthy? Typically people will claim that there’s “just not enough time in the day” or “there’s just too much to do”. Because of this, we think that healthy eating is simply out of reach. We’re here to tell you it’s not. We make time to watch sports, stream our favorite shows, and find any excuse not to eat healthy. While these things may serve as great sources of self care, our society abuses the gift of entertainment to a fault. Keep reading to learn some tricks to eating healthy in a world that’s skewed to making your food choices for you.

Processed and fast foods are two of the main culprits that conspire to keep your eating habits bad. Look down the street of a relatively populated city and you’ll see a drive-thru, sit down restaurant, and a grocery store that pushes the delicious and rarely addresses the healthy. So how do you navigate these tasty traps? We have 9 ideas:

1.Skip the deep fried chicken or fish and go for grilled.

2.We all love buns, but they have calories and carbohydrates you don’t need. While we’re not saying to cut calories and carbs, it’s important to keep these in check. Go bunless and ask for your proteins on top of a salad.

3.Speaking of salads, skip the ranch or heavy fat/calorie dressings. Opt for a honey-mustard or a vinaigrette (just double check the nutritional facts).

4.You’re committed and went to a salad bar! Be careful, there’s plenty of pitfalls there too. Spring for greens, tomatoes, peppers, corn, and eggs without the yolks for protein. Also, skip the croutons and rolls, they’re like buns for vegetarians (see #2).

5.Salads not your style? If you’re craving a burger order the smaller option without toppings like cheese, bacon, fried onions, etc.

6.Thought you skipped the “heart attack on a bun” by skipping cheese? You may reconsider mayo on your beef patty for ketchup and mustard. This change can keep your calories and fats down.

7.What are you going to drink to wash down your tasty burger? If the answer is a soft drink, you’re looking at 40+ grams of sugar. Why is this bad? Sugar quickly turns to fat if it isn’t used. Drink water, tea, or if you need a soda go for a smaller size.

8.By now, you’re probably hungry just reading everything you can’t eat. If you’re a fan of pizza we have the perfect tip for you. Go light on the cheese and even lighter on the toppings. While veggies aren’t a big problem, meats tend to be high in fat. Try a salad to start and pace yourself. Grab a slice, not half of the pizza and see how you feel in 10 minutes.

9.Our final tip is the cherry on top! Avoid high fat desserts that can throw a good meal into disarray. Go for low fat yogurts or a piece of fruit.

Just because you’re going out to eat doesn’t mean you have to throw healthy eating out the window. Use the tips above and you’ll be on your way to healthier eating. Ready to talk more in depth about your nutrition? Give us a call to schedule a consultation with our nutrition coach!

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